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Blue Clean Referral Agency is a cross between  big cleaning companies and independent cleaners. Creating a winning scenario for clients, cleaners, and company.


We provide first class customer service by handling your scheduling, billing/payments, work order notes and accounts professionally. We match your cleaning request to only qualified cleaners who have passed our strict background screening process. The cleaners we work with must have professional house cleaning experience with a track record of satisfied clients, must pass thorough screening to get the job with our agency.

About us

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If you’re not satisfied with the cleaning professional, we can match you with a different cleaner. Rather than trying out different cleaning companies, by working with Blue Clean Referral Agency, you won’t have to change your point of contact in order try out different cleaners. By having the freedom to request for a different match, you may find that the cleaners we work with are more quality conscious and accountable in order to keep you satisfied whereas an employee at a big cleaning company may not care as much if the company loses a client as it has minimal adverse effect on them personally.

Benefits to Clients

1.Security of Knowing that all Cleaners Have Been Screened and Vetted

-In-person interview

-Criminal background checked

-Verified work status eligibility in the USA

2.Consistency of Quality with the Same Cleaners Coming Back Each Visit (Unless you Request a New Match).

-Cleaners go through Reference Screening: 3 professional & 3 personal

-Cleaners have Minimum of 2 years experience 

3.Flexibility of Choosing to be Matched with a Different Cleaner for Any Reason.

-You can also change your scheduled days and times with notice

-No long-term contract, cancel with 48 hr notice

4.Save up to 40% Compared to Other Cleaning Companies.

-Enjoy greatest savings with ongoing service, who else offers hourly rate discounts in East Houston?

-Convenience of Customer Online Portal.

-Update payment method securely

-Request new service

-Report a concern

-Review previous invoice

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