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House  Cleaning  Services: DIY  Checklist   for House Cleaners 

Each home has different needs. Each house cleaner may have a different style. We've included a list of most frequently requested tasks that clients look for in 3 different types  of residential cleaning. This is not meant to be a prepackaged cleaning to limit your needs. You can use this to better assist in customizing you cleaning. This is a great way to ensure the communication and expectations are clearly defined for the house cleaners. 

We'll notate all your request and record them on the work order notes for the cleaner to review each visit, especially if you won't be home for the cleaning. We're always happy to adjust and update those notes upon request should your needs change for future services or change for a particular cleaning date. You can also communicate directly with the cleaners with any request.

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Basic House  Cleaning

Basic Clean Task often requested with ongoing service

All Rooms

Cobweb,dust all surfaces & items

Wipe horizontal surface tops

Remove trash

Make Beds

Vacuum & Mop


Scrub & Sanitize tub, tile, shower & all hardware 

Clean inside & outside toilet

Wipe shine mirrors, vanity, sink & drains 


Clean hood, stove top, burners, drip pans & knobs

Wipe & shine exterior of every appliance

clean inside & outside microwave

Wash & dry sink, faucet & drain

Cleaning the Dishes

Detail  House  Cleaning

Detail Cleaning is frequently requested if a home has not been professionally cleaned in the last 4-6 months. It's like a spring cleaning but anytime!

Consider adding these extra services:

Wipe clean baseboards, door facings and cabinet doors


Clean and sanitize inside fridge and inside oven

Clean blinds and shutters

Clean inside windows 

Remove cobwebs and sweep patio or garage 

Moving Boxes

Move Out/

Move In  House  Cleaning

Move Out and Move In cleanings are for vacant homes preparing for new residents. Don't let empty homes fool you, they require even more work than occupied homes.

Considering adding these extras: 

Wipe clean baseboards, door facings and cabinet doors.

Clean and sanitize inside fridge and inside oven

Clean blinds and shutters

Clean inside windows 

Remove cobwebs and sweep patio and garage


Cleaning inside cabinets and drawers throughout the home


Other Request

Additionally, there may be some areas you want cleaned that is not a part of the dd on options. Please check with our agency whether such services can be provided by your cleaning specialist. Examples include: wiping down walls, cleaning ceiling fans, cleaning window tracks, etc. While it may not be listed as an add option, that doesn't mean it can't be done!

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